LED Oval Bar of 14 units L26′

$ 2,290.00

LED Oval Bar Features:

L25′ D10′ H45″
Product #: BAR-01
Pieces avail: 1
It has very bright, 16 changeable colors.
Each unit has shelves and two tier top.
LED Bar works from the electricity.

Rental Price:

$1290.00 (8 units L14′ D10′ H45″)
$1650.00 (10 units L18′ D10′ H45″)
$1980.00 (12 units L22′ D10′ H45″)
$2290.00 (14 units L25′ D10′ H45″)
Delivery is not included in the price and depends on the event’s place. Delivery rates are here.


LED Oval Portable Bar for rent consists of curved and straight units, and make an Oval Bar of different sizes.
These bars are made from hard plastic, so it is very strong, besides it is pretty easy.
LED portable bars can be used not only indoor, but also outside.
Each LED bar unit has shelves and two tier top.


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