Rentals policies & Delivery

Rentals policies

All orders must be placed 24 hours prior to the event’s date.
The company/and or person who has made the booking is liable for all payment. Payment will be required before the event via credit card. Credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge.  Cash is the only method of payment which is accepted on the day and the person renting the equipment must be there at the time the equipment is delivered to pay in cash. 

We require 25% deposit to book the furniture for event. The balance 75% must be paid 24 hours prior to the event’s date by a credit card, or by cash on the day of delivery.

Supplier may request credit card details or a bond to cover for any damages, theft, cleaning or inability to access the equipment to be picked up at the agreed time. By making a booking, you authorise for your credit card to be charged in the case that any equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or unable to be picked up.

The Renter must inspect and check all equipment and notify Supplier at the time of delivery if there is any equipment missing, damaged or unfit for use. 
Loss, damage and destruction fees
If any equipment suffers damage, loss or destruction, you agree to pay the entirety of the necessary costs to replace it at retail value or to pay the bill for repairing.
If branding is applied by outside service, it must be removed before pick up or additional charges will be applied.
Pickup from the warehouse
We do not have pickup service. All furniture will be delivered to the event’s place.
We have no responsibility for damage or other liability of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment. You agrees that the limit of our liability is limited to a refund of the actual RENTAL Charge ONLY.  The equipment remains the property of Supplier at all times. The hirer may not transfer this contract to another party without written consent of Supplier.
No warranty is provided by Supplier for the equipment’s fitness for any particular use.
Cancelled bookings outside of a 48 hour period from the event date incur a non refundable charge of 50%. Bookings cancelled within a 48 hour period incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Delivery Fee

Standart round trip delivery

8′ Truck

17′ Truck

NYC (5 bor.) $80  $180
Long Island (30 miles from the warehouse) $100  $300
New Jersey (30 miles from the warehouse) $100 $300    

Standard round trip is based on 30 miles distance from our warehouse with 3 hour delivery window, 7 days a week

For specific delivery, call us 347-525-08-98